What Digital Products To Sell Online: 2 Things to Consider
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Woman at a desk with a computer figuring out what digital products to sell onlineOkay – you’ve decided you want to start selling digital products.

You even have some skills you think you might be able to use.

But HOW do we decide what digital products to sell online?

And what I mean by that is this – you may have a vague idea in your head – “I’m going to sell digital designs” – but the question is: what EXACTLY are you going to sell, and to whom?

(if you don’t have even a VAGUE idea yet of what you want to sell, check out my giant list of 60+ digital product ideas here)

Well, my friend, here’s the thing – you gotta go about it with strategy.

If you’re not being strategic about it, the end result is you’ll flounder a bit and you might spend a lot of time and effort creating something that no one buys.

Figuring Out What Digital Products To Sell #1:

Learn your craft, and create a product with an end result in mind.

Read it again because this is SO SO important.

Learn your craft, and create a product with an end result in mind.

That “end result” bit is essential.

What I mean by this is – create your designs (or whatever you make), and work on your craft, with the end result in mind of what your customer will ultimately do with it.

This is a crucial key for your future marketing.

You need to know what the “after-picture” is for your customers.

For example – if you’ve decided to make and sell some sort of printable, you might decide to sell party printables that people can use to create cohesive themed birthday parties for their kids.

Hand drawing digital art on a tabletOr perhaps you are a digital watercolor artist, and you decide that the end result will be that you create 8×10 proportionate artwork to scan in so people can print them and frame them to hang in their home.

What if you’re a painter and you love painting but you don’t really “do” full-on paintings (like, that someone would frame & hang), you just love painting little objects – maybe selling clip-art for other creators to use is something that would work for you.

Maybe you DO want to make SVGs like I do, and ultimately you want to sell SVG artwork for people to make pet-themed t-shirts and hoodies with.

This is all a part of finding customers who will buy from you without hesitation – you want to have a clear idea of WHAT you’re selling to WHO, and what they will do with it.

Because it doesn’t matter how gorgeous and wonderful your art is – if someone looks at it and says “Yeah but I have no idea what I’d DO with it” then you won’t make any sales.

Figuring Out What Digital Products To Sell #2:

Find your target market & make what they need.

Okay, first things first. What is a target market?

It’s very simple – a target market is a group of imaginary people that share common characteristics that you will sell to.

For example, Youtube channels that like to use folksy, unique sound effects in their videos is a target market (especially if you can hit up a specific genre of Youtubers).

Moms with young kids who are seriously crazy busy and need a simple, easy way to stay organized is a target market.

Newly engaged women who want to DIY a significant part of their wedding with their cutting machine is a target market (and it gets even better if you narrow down their style preferences).

Now – I won’t go into WHY you need a specific target market just yet.

I’ll save that for a different post, but just know that you need to pick a target market – a specific one – and figure out a solution to their woes that you can use your craft to create.

The first step is to brainstorm what areas they have weaknesses or struggles.

You may have already done this (woohoo!) but if not, take some time to seriously think through what digital product YOU can provide them that will help.

And – especially when it comes to artistic stuff – don’t ever fall into the thinking of “oh the market is sooo saturated” or “there are already people making this.”

woman drawing on a digital tabletNo – my friend – yes, there are people in the market already, but none of them are YOU and can bring the unique perspective YOU bring.

Find the gap in the market that YOU can fill perfectly.

This reminds me of an interview I read one time – I can’t remember who it was with so I have no link but it was someone who was looking for organizer printables on Etsy.

Except she noticed that all of the available ones were very graphic-heavy, super feminine, or cutesy.

So she set out to create her own line of printables that were not so graphic heavy (less ink for the customer, you see) and more unisex in style and she ended up selling a TON because she saw the gap in the market.

It was very similar for me when I started Board & Batten Design selling SVGs – at the time, most of the SVGs on the market were the super trendy bounce calligraphy lettering, and not at all my style.

So I sought to make some that were more elegant/old world classy, and ultimately have grown quite a following because my designs are different than most of what’s out there.

And – I built a six figure digital business out of it, which absolutely changed my entire life.

Friend – I want that for YOU TOO!!

So now – the million dollar question is – where’s the gap in your market?

I hope that helps, my friend!

Let me know if you have any questions 😘