How I Became A 6 Figure SVG Designer – My Story Part 2
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Hey friend!

This is a continuation of part 1 of my story, picking up from when I got laid off from my job and replaced my income in THREE MONTHS with my digital downloads business.

It was absolutely insane.

Baby goats are more fun than jobs, anyway.

Once I realized I was making as much as I had been in my crappy job, I knew this was IT for me.

Because let’s be real – I’d much rather be able to work for myself and set my work hours so I could do things like actually be available for my children.

And hang with my baby goats.

You know… the ol’ “work/life balance” thing ring a bell?

So I kept growing my business – kept searching for the best way to do things, grew my email list, and over time I developed a strategy for “launching” new designs to my email list.

I did this because I didn’t love constantly switching gears back and forth between designing and “businessing” and I figured if I did a bunch of designs at once and made an event of it, I might make more sales.

The first time I used it, I made $600 in a weekend and I was just blown away. I had NEVER made so much money in just a few days before!

That bought DOORS for our bedrooms, yo! (yes, we didn’t even have doors on our rooms at the time.) And – a BATHROOM DOOR instead of a curtain!?

That was such a huge huge deal for my family and I.

I hadn’t ever heard of any other SVG designers doing it this way, but HEY it was working for me, right?

When I did this, I was marching a bit to the tune of my own drum (I didn’t know of any other SVG designer who did design releases like this!) but it WORKED for me.

And – my friend – three years later in 2020 using the same strategy, I pulled in almost $24,000 in four days from my email list.

Not bad for $3.50 SVG files, and…

…well, not bad considering it was 2020 and I barely got any work done with my kids being home all.the.time!!

(Real quick side note – do YOU want to learn how to do this? Because I want to teach it to you, for real!!)

Many years ago I read a post by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers that talked about how most people get it wrong when it comes to content creation.

He was talking about blogging and pointed out that most people just keep writing more and more posts when what they should be doing is creating a few, amazingly stellar posts and then spend most of their time promoting those posts.

Basically, the 80/20 rule.

I remembered that post and I realized that, at least in the SVG design world, it’s common to do that as well.

Designers just keep making more and more and more designs, thinking the more you have listed, the more money you will make.

Truth is, you’re gonna do WAY WAY better with sales if you spend 20% of your time creating and 80% of your time promoting and marketing.

I built my website on Shopify and have been VERY happy with it.

I wanted to do that with my own products, but I also didn’t want to spend my efforts promoting someone else’s business (Etsy, I’m talking to YOU!) and I wanted a better way to truly own my business.

I had learned with my previous business the hard way that one small algorithm change could easily just tank your business.

I wanted to build my business on a foundation of my own website and a rock solid email list.

That was my goal, and that’s exactly what I did.

I used Etsy as a springboard, of sorts, and a way to test out whether my products would sell but ultimately I started my own website as quickly as was feasible for me and began using it to build my email list and worked hard at driving traffic to it.

So what’s my after story?

That iconic moment when the wall between the old part of the house and the new addition came down – turning my 2 bedroom 720 sq foot house into a 4 bedroom 2050sq ft house… all thanks to my SVG business.

Well – since I started my business, I’ve been able to finish my house out of pocket (hurray for electricity and septic systems!!!) and even built an amazing addition where we all have our own bedrooms.

I paid off all my consumer debt, student loans, finally have a reliable newer vehicle (paid off), and so forth.

That’s not the best part.

The best part is this – I live it ALL on my own terms.

I work when I feel like I need to work.  And when I don’t, I don’t.

If stuff comes up, I can reschedule and rework things.

If my kids are sick, no one is mad at me for missing work. If I feel like taking a day to go to the lake with the kids, no problem.

If I feel like working a short day because I want to make a super fancy dinner, I can do it.

And I most DEFINITELY take plenty of time off in the spring to plant my garden at my own leisure because gardening is basically my life.

Friend – This “After Story” Can Be Yours, Too!

Since fairly early on in my business, I’ve had people start asking me about my business model and selling digital downloads.

I’ve been on podcasts where I talk about my design release strategy, talk about it a TON in Facebook groups, and had enough interest that I told myself as soon as I hit 6 figures in sales, I’d start teaching other people my business model.

Well – in 2020, I made over $160,000 in sales between my website and Etsy. < /div>

Which brings us today – that is why I started this teaching project.

Because, my dear friend, my life has been dramatically changed by my business and I want to help YOU do the same!

Life CAN be on your own terms.

You do NOT have to be on that hamster wheel.

I don’t wish that life on my worst enemy (I mean.. if I HAD a worst enemy, of course 😂).

You can, in fact, have a life full of independence where you have customers that love you and want to buy from you over and over and over.

You can, in fact, have a life where you can do what you want, when you want to do it. (I mean, aside from obvious restrictions having to do with kids and other inescapable responsibilities)

You can have a thriving digital downloads business that will absolutely change your life.

So now – it’s your turn.

What questions do you have for me? What do you need to know so you can get started on your own? Where are you stuck? What can I do for you?