About Bethany

Curious about me?

Hey Friend! 👋


My name is Bethany Archer  and I run the six-figure SVG design business Board & Batten Design Co.


I used to be a constantly broke single mom of three. And now I’m a definitely NOT broke single mom of three, thanks to my digital downloads business.


My business has been lifechanging, allowing me to do awesome things like:

  • Finish building & add on to my unfinished home in the woods
  • Support my family with a full-time income on part-time hours
  • Pay off almost all of my debt (only mortgage left to go!)
  • And create the life I always dreamed of 🥳
Yes - this is me taking a bathroom selfie in my new bathroom in the new addition to my home that my business paid for.

Want to know how I did it?

I attribute most of the growth in my digital downloads business to two main, big things:

  1. My amazing, constantly growing and engaged EMAIL LIST
  2. A design release strategy I developed that gets my customers excited and ready to buy my designs any time I put them out.

Since almost the very beginning, I’ve had people coming to me asking about my success and I have always wanted so badly to take every single person under my wing and teach them what I know.


Because of this, I made a commitment to myself early on that when I hit a 6-figure level in sales, I would begin to teach my digital downloads business model to others.


Well – in 2020, in spite of Team Covid’s very best efforts, I completely smashed that goal and ended up with nearly $164k in sales. 😍😍😍


And now, my friend, I’m ready to teach you!


✔️  I will teach you how to have your own amazing, engaged email list with customers excited to buy ALL of your new designs.
✔️ And I will teach you how to use my design release strategy to get an unbelievable amount of sales any time you put new designs out.


(hint – in October 2020, I made more in one single month than my whole annual income from my job before… for real! 😳😳😳 )


So – are you ready to learn?